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Located in the heart of the Cattaraugus County mountains just outside the bustling ski town of Ellicottville, New York, Ellicottville Distillery offers a homegrown approach to the age-old practice of distilling. Using only the finest locally sourced ingredients, owner and head distiller Bryan Scharf creates high quality spirits and flavored liqueurs. Ellicottville Distillery has an onsite tasting room where you can try their uniquely hand-crafted cocktails whilst browsing their bottled selections. They also host a wide range of events on the Distillery grounds that are sure to entertain. Come and taste the true spirit of Ellicottville for yourself!

5462 Robbins Road ~ Ellicottville, NY 14731

Open Fridays 1pm-8pm

Saturdays 12pm-8pm ~ Sundays 12pm-6pm


Check out our behind the scenes video with "Discovering WNY":

Our Products

All of our products are sold in person at our tasting room, not online, so come visit us!

Maple Bourbon Créme

18% ALC. By VOL. ~ 36 Proof ~ 750ml

Liqueur & Bourbon Whiskey

with Natural Flavors & Caramel Color

"The enchanted mountains of Western New York know how to keep secrets. Every rock, gorge, and stream has a hidden story. We've learned something from the trees, though, and it's become the secret ingredient to our Maple Bourbon Créme. This new liqueur is sweetened with syrup locally sourced from Western New York maple trees. When you drink this spirit, you learn a little secret of these hills. Enjoy Ellicottville Distillery's Maple Bourbon Créme, from our trees to you!"

Honey Spirit

40% ALC. By Vol. ~ 80 proof ~ 750ml

Spirits Distilled from 100% Local Honey

"The Mysterious alchemy of honey results in nature's sweetest delicacy. This ancient process requires time, patience, and dedication, similar to the distilling of spirits. At Ellicottville Distillery, we've partnered with our local bees to craft a spirit that shares the treasure of their honey, the taste of this land. Enjoy our Honey Spirit, from bee, to keeper, to spirit to you!"


25% ALC. By VOL. ~ 50 Proof ~ 750ml

Spirits Distilled from Corn with Natural Flavors Added

"Fall in a glass, great over ice. Local Cider based (from Mayer Bros. or seasonally from Pumpkinville) with a caramel & cinnamon back-end. Our take on Apple Pie Moonshine."

Blueberry Vodka

35% ALC. BY Vol. ~ 70 PROOF ~ 750ml

New York Craft - Small Batch - Distilled from Apples

"Smooth, cider based vodka with a sweet smell & blueberry flavor." 

14 plate distillation, charcoal filtered.

American Whiskey

40% ALC. By VOL. ~ 80 Proof ~ 750ml

"Aged 2 years in used bourbon barrels, twice pot distilled. What does it mean to be American? For some, it means creating what you want with what you have. In that tradition, we've harvested and twice pot-distilled grain sourced from our farm to create our American Whiskey. Barrel-aged two years in American oak casks, this whiskey is ounce for ounce truly American: bold, seasoned, ready for anything. Enjoy!"

Straight Bourbon Whiskey

44% ALC. BY VOL. ~ 88 Proof ~ 750ML

Single Barrel ~ Distilled from Grain


45% ALC. BY VOL. ~ 90 Proof ~ 750ml

New York Craft ~ Small Batch ~ Distilled from Apples

"Botanicals change with each small batch of 100 bottles or less."

Slightly sweet cider base, distilled 4 times.


40% ALC. By Vol. ~ 80 Proof ~ 750ml

New York Craft - Small Batch - Distilled from Apples

"Smooth, cider based vodka with a sweet smell & flavor." 

14 plate distillation, charcoal filtered.


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Signature Cocktails

Pink Blossom

Blueberry Vodka

Rose, Lemon, Soda

Violet Hour


Lavender, Lemon, Mint, Pear


  • Yellow Jacket ~ Vodka, sage, honey, lemon, cider.

  • lift ticket ~ vodka, egg white, cranberry shrub, blackberry, lemon, cider.

  • cross wind ~ Vodka, strawberry shrub, maple, lime, ginger beer.

Blueberry Vodka:

  • red coat ~ Blueberry Vodka, cherry, lemon, tonic.

  • loyalist ~ Blueberry Vodka, blueberry shrub, honey, lime, soda.

  • odd couple ~ Blueberry Vodka, rose, Orange juice, ginger beer.


  • bloom city ~ Whiskey, blackberry, lemon, cranberry, ginger beer.

  • satan's circus ~ Whiskey, cranberry shrub, Jalapeño, lime, ginger ale.

  • last word ~ Whiskey, vanilla, blackberry, lemon, pear.


  • boardwalk ~ Bourbon, sage, maple, lemon, cider.

  • black cherry ~ bourbon, cherry, Cranberry shrub, lemon, cider.

  • bourbon smash ~ Bourbon, cranberry shrub, orange bitters, lemon, ginger beer.

honey spirit:

  • after glow ~ honey spirit, cranberry shrub, honey, lemon, ginger beer.

  • transformer ~ Honey Spirit, caramel, cinnamon, cider, soda.

  • gone south ~ Honey Spirit, vanilla, cinnamon, peach, cranberry.

Golden Eye


Rosemary, Basil, Grapefruit

Lava Flow


Jalapeno, Lemon, Mint, Watermelon


  • sea foam ~ gin, apple shrub, rosemary, lemon, cranberry.

  • slope side ~ Gin, Jalapeño, lime, cherry, tonic.

  • iron side ~ Gin, sage, lemon, grapefruit.


  • buffer ~ Appleshine, honey, soda.

  • railway ~ Appleshine, apple shrub, lime, cranberry, ginger beer.

  • ancient storm ~ Appleshine, peppercorn, cider.

Maple Bourbon Créme: 

  • steam crest ~ Créme, vanilla, cream soda. 

  • switch tower ~ Créme, cinnamon, Soda.

  • san diego ~ Créme, honey, pineapple, soda.

The Classics:

  • Martini ~ Gin or Vodka, Classic, Vanilla, or Lavender.

  • Bloody Mary ~ Vodka, Bloody Mary Mix.

  • Moscow Mule ~ Vodka or Whiskey, Lime, Ginger Beer.

  • Gin & Tonic

  • Manhattan ~ Bourbon, Sweet Vermouth, Maraschino Cherry.

  • Old Fashion ~ Bourbon, Angostura Bitters, Orange Slice, Maraschino Cherry.

We also offer Seasonal Slushies and Local Beer.

    Featured Events

    We offer a wide range of entertaining events in our tasting room or outside on the distillery grounds including local live music performances, vintage motorcycle showcases, flock swaps, paint nights, corn hole tournaments, pig roasts, bonfires, "Punkin Chunkin" and more! 

    Check out our calendar below for the latest events:

    Distilled & Chilled Music Festival

    Saturday August 20th, 2022

    This will be the 3rd year of our annual outside music festival. Focusing on original music in the Western New York area, this year's lineup includes performances by Uncle Ben's Remedy, Kody & Herren, and Meet the Bacons!

    Photos from the Distillery

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